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FACTS is currently embarking upon our first annual membership drive. Although we are significantly hamstrung in the United States - since we refuse to use coins and currency for church-associated activities when those monetary instruments declare a religious ideology that is directly contrary to that which we believe - we are still able to sign up members online.

Basically, we are a religious organization that finds the evidence of any supernatural being to be woefully inadequate. Thus, we deny the existence of any God, and feel that those who have reached the contrary conclusion are deeply misguided. We find that adhering to a religious philosophy based on truth and real evidence is exhilarating, and opens avenues for understanding, cooperation, inquiry and love that are often blocked by religions views based on artificial and false claims. Our faithis in truth, data, reason and the inherent good of mankind.
Like many other religions, we believe in "The Golden Rule," and we try to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Additionally - contrary to the notion of commandments (which we find quite offensive) - we have three suggestions: (1) Question, (2) Be Honest, and (3) Do What's Right. Those who embrace these suggestions attain the status of Grand Lubitz.
At present, FACTS is mostly an internet religion, although we are having congregational meetings every new moon in Sacramento, California (where the Church originated). We like to think of those meetings as celebrations ... times to have fun, while simultaneously pondering some of the "deeper" issues of life. With FACTS religious garb, a FACTS libation, and a closing FACTS hymn, we encourage FACTS parishioners to start their own local congregations. There are no mandatory tithes or fees, and attendance is always voluntary. We recommend, however, that FACTS Church meetings be designed so as to give pleasure and enlightenment, so that attendance each "moonth"  is eagerly anticipated as a time for joy, rather than being in any manner a duty or an obligation.
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