Mike's  DVD

Our Coruscating Constitution 


In an effort to explain what his cases are all about (that is, that they are not anti-God or anti-religion, but simply pro-equality), Mike decided to combine his experience in musical comedy with what he's learned in bringing his Establishment Clause challenges. The result was "Our Coruscating Constitution" - a live performance given in Elk Grove in November, 2005.

He bombed. Read the Sacramento Bee review. Ouch! Nonetheless, he still thinks the concept is a good one, and has decided to create a DVD, instead. Its production - now about 3/4 finished - has been put on hold, pending the outcome of the current cases in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. If he loses those cases, few are going to care about what he says, and the project will be abandoned. If he wins, however, there will likely be interest in hearing the message. Thus, if victory is obtained in the Ninth Circuit, the DVD will be completed, hopefully within the subsequent few months. Please return to this site episodically to check on its progress.